Trooper is launched! multiplayer 2d shooter

The game we have been tirelessly working on for eons is finally finished. Okay, yeah, maybe not tirelessly... you know. Or working... or finished. But its out! There's a lot of optimization under way and long nights of exterminating bugs, implementing features and whatnot but we are proud to present (in any version you might have stumbled upon)...


Packed with dodging bullets there are ninjas coming out of walls, constant rain of plasma in the arena and surprising frags even Nostradamus didn't see coming! Check it out we even got featured by iHASYOU and it hasn't even been a week!

We also launched a patreon site

You can support us there with about three fiddy a month so one day we might even shed the weight of creative chains that is ad-based revenue. We will put more updates there as well so you can do some corporate spying of our team, our process, and our awesome ideas (again, for about three fiddy).

Dinko Neuhold

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